After Getting “Stuck”, I Was Rescued By A New Character In The Sequel To Thaumaturge

And believe me, I was stuck for months because I spent all my writing time poring over corrections of book proofs for “Thaumaturge”, the book I wrote and self-published with an American company based in Pennsylvania.  Their support staff was patient and terrific, and the calmness of my writer counsellor helped me get through NINE book proof corrections without my waking up and finding myself heavily sedated in a rubber room in a secret location!

Nota Bene!  If you have the financial resources, hire the best copy/content editor(s) that your financial resources allow.  This is just so important to the integrity/quality of your chef-d’oeuvre.  Remember, this is your baby; no one, and I mean NO ONE, has produced anything quite like this before.  Not ever!

After many months, including after “Thaumaturge” was printed in soft-cover PB, I still struggled with the SNAFU that I had written my characters into in the sequel, tentatively titled “Weapon”.  But then, one day, a new character in the story truly caught my attention.  She had endured psychological and physical abuse, yet had retained her own dignity, strength, and initiative.  She created her own business based on her interest in human intelligence, and resilience in resisting negative feedback from tormentors, even if they were family members, the highest, the most soul-destroying, and most despicable forms of betrayal of all, ever!

So, after months of being stuck after Chapter Eleven of Weapon, I have emerged at the end of Chapter Thirteen with a fierce, new ally in the fight against human trafficking. 

Melora Mulvey is intelligent, independently wealthy, and emotionally strong due to the nature of her emotional and physical abuse as a child.  As her creator, I think she deserves a medal, but the sad reality is that many young girls/women have experienced the horrors of abuse/control/cruelty at the hands of men, some of them fathers/uncles/brothers/cousins who felt that it was perfectly alright for these young girls/women to be treated so cruelly!

So, I acknowledge my thanks to her, a character from my imagination, who, in spite of enduring much trauma and abuse as a vulnerable child from a very disturbed parent, still made a career for herself aimed at allowing other victims of abuse to overcome/rise above terrible abuse endured as children.  THAT requires the greatest  inner strength of all, in my opinion.