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Wiping The Slate Clean And Making A New Effort, I Hope!

2013 was not a good year for me.  I spent most of it in dysthymia, a mild, but pervasive, form of depression.  I have been prone to bouts of depression, the dysthymia kind, for most of my life.  As expected, stress only makes it worse.  Well, of course it does.  DUH!

The good news is that my novel, Thaumaturge, is now in print — I dealt with a self-publishing company — and it is available at, and (for Canadians), and (that’s Infinity Publishing, the self-publishing company based in MA, USA, that I went with in 2013 —  the book was in print in March of 2013).  And, if you were to type:  S.L. Fummerton into your computer, you, like me, would see the other locations worldwide where my paperback book is available.  Please believe me, I was SO surprised/stunned and pleased to see that it was available in Australia, Denmark, and France through ebay, or Ex Libris!

I am grateful to Infinity Publishing for making that possible, even though I paid a very nominal fee for the exposure.

Now, even though only a few folk have read Thaumaturge, I am working on a sequel.  The working title is now “Weapon”, but that could be changed/revised/even improved, possibly, as that storyline develops and unfolds itself to me.  My principal character, Caritas Thaumaturge, is the “weapon” in question, but, even though she has admitted to being a weapon, (that’s in the sequel), I doubt she is truly happy about that dubious distinction;  it really is just a reality check on what she has become, physically.

Seriously, after a certain point in the story-telling process, I think an author’s characters start having their own views/opinions/values about themselves.  And I think that’s such a good part of the writing process; sometimes the characters show the writers what must happen.  (That did happen to me.)

Plot springs from character.   I truly believe that.  People, like literary characters, and with all their flaws, respond to the situations in which they find themselves.  Sometimes the situations are so difficult and traumatic, the characters just don’t know how to deal with them, and they seek solace in alcohol, drugs, either prescribed by folks who should know better, or available from street vendors with their own sets of problems.

So, from here I have to do some serious plot work on chapter 12 to render the actions of characters not only believable, but possible, psychologically and physically, in the particular situation they find themselves.  I know from personal experience that that is the only way out.

Caritas and her cohorts send their heartfelt regards.  Seriously!




About sfummerton

You may be familiar with the expression, "It's never too late". Well, I might be living proof of it. I hope to have a novel published in the next two-to-three months. I didn't start writing it until I was in my fifties because of a germ/seed that was planted in my imagination after an attempted mugging/assault decades ago. The experience gave me a great appreciation for the amazing strength of adrenalin. This blog will allow me to talk about my experience as a newbie writer who self-published because I was concerned about how much time I might have left, and because I deal with both chronic pecuniary strangulation and chronic health issues. ;) But, the blog will also be a place where I can post thoughts about issues that concern me. Human trafficking is one of them. That's why I made my antogonist in the soon-to-be-in-print novel "Thaumaturge" a trafficker. He's not involved with organized criminal gangs, either domestic or foreign, but he is an opportunist who understands that big bucks can be made in modern-day slavery, especially in sex-trafficking of underage kids. The growth of human trafficking due to many causes which can be traced back to simple survival concerns me because it preys on the most desperate and vulnerable human beings who have no resources to rely on. Try to imagine how that feels. There are more human slaves on our planet now than at any time in human history. That's deplorable and disgraceful. We're classified as Homo sapiens, which means, wise man in Latin. Uh-huh. So, I'm a leftie, not a rightie, and I'm not referring to my handedness. I think this planet would be better off following Buddhist economics. No, I am not a Buddhist. I call myself a devout agnostic. But, the huge discrepany between the wealthiest on this planet, and everybody else, is simply obscene. I love books and movies and music. I like most music genres, but my favourite since childhood has been film scores. I admire so many of the talented composers and musicians working in that genre because of the discipline involved. The fact that so many of them can create such evocative, effective and beautiful music just blows me away.

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