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Moving On, Sort Of!

It has been a while since I posted something on WordPress.  That’s because I do NOT have the tech skills for this site.  And that is my fault, not that of WordPress.

So, to update;  the April 28th book launch went well.  Not everyone who said they would attend did, but I expected that.  I did two readings and they both were well received.  Everyone in attendance had a good time.  There were even some nice finger foods, and libations.  AND, I sold a few books!

I still am.  Selling a book here-and-there, I mean.  

Also, and this is important, I have moved from the Barnhartvale area of Kamloops to the North Shore, which will allow me easier access to all the services that I now require as a senior, such as easier access to a physician, shopping malls with supermarkets, drug stores, optometrists, etc.

The move was difficult and exhausting, but at my age and with my health issues, not unexpected.  Now, in the middle of June, I’m feeling as though I am making this suite my own, you know?  I daresay over the next few months I will be doing some finessing in the ergonomics department to make daily life in my suite easier for me, but all the grunt work has been done, thank heaven/the universe/whatever.

This weekend I intend/hope to get back into “Weapon”, the sequel to “Thaumaturge”. I will scrutinize the Prologue and the eleven chapters I wrote for it before I became preoccupied/obsessed with self-editing for “Thaumaturge” for publication. When I’m happy with them, I will move on with the rest of the story, with new characters, and those already familiar because of “Thaumaturge”. I anticipate that Caritas will be edgier in the sequel because she now knows her enemy better (modern-day slavers), and these antagonists will be nastier because they are life-long, career criminals, not newbies to the life.


About sfummerton

You may be familiar with the expression, "It's never too late". Well, I might be living proof of it. I hope to have a novel published in the next two-to-three months. I didn't start writing it until I was in my fifties because of a germ/seed that was planted in my imagination after an attempted mugging/assault decades ago. The experience gave me a great appreciation for the amazing strength of adrenalin. This blog will allow me to talk about my experience as a newbie writer who self-published because I was concerned about how much time I might have left, and because I deal with both chronic pecuniary strangulation and chronic health issues. ;) But, the blog will also be a place where I can post thoughts about issues that concern me. Human trafficking is one of them. That's why I made my antogonist in the soon-to-be-in-print novel "Thaumaturge" a trafficker. He's not involved with organized criminal gangs, either domestic or foreign, but he is an opportunist who understands that big bucks can be made in modern-day slavery, especially in sex-trafficking of underage kids. The growth of human trafficking due to many causes which can be traced back to simple survival concerns me because it preys on the most desperate and vulnerable human beings who have no resources to rely on. Try to imagine how that feels. There are more human slaves on our planet now than at any time in human history. That's deplorable and disgraceful. We're classified as Homo sapiens, which means, wise man in Latin. Uh-huh. So, I'm a leftie, not a rightie, and I'm not referring to my handedness. I think this planet would be better off following Buddhist economics. No, I am not a Buddhist. I call myself a devout agnostic. But, the huge discrepany between the wealthiest on this planet, and everybody else, is simply obscene. I love books and movies and music. I like most music genres, but my favourite since childhood has been film scores. I admire so many of the talented composers and musicians working in that genre because of the discipline involved. The fact that so many of them can create such evocative, effective and beautiful music just blows me away.

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