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Yesterday, I received via snail mail the copies I purchased of my self-published novel. Even that title, self-published, is deceptive. I couldn’t have self-published my novel, “Thaumaturge”, if you held a gun to my temple. The tech-savvy staff at the self-publishing company I chose to deal with published my novel for me. Thanks must go to Brittany and the tech team assigned to “Thaumaturge”!

And, thank you to Infinity Publishing.

I was SO thrilled to get my ordered copies. My five complimentary copies will arrive before this month’s end. I will have them in time for my modest book launch party scheduled for Sunday, April 28th. That date gives all parties expressing interest so far in the novel time to arrange for shift changes or swaps with co-workers so that they can be here on that last Sunday in April.

Receiving that box containing copies of “Thaumaturge” was almost anti-climatic. I wasn’t as elated as I had thought I would be because I was still worrying about the book launch event, and wondering if I were up to the task of self-marketing because I am shy by nature.

However, it was today I learned that my sister had discussed with friends a date on which to hold the book launch. Et, voila, April 28th became the agreed upon date.

So, you may colour me happy because my story that had tickled away at my imagination for years is now in print, and I have become a published author. That’s giddy stuff for me. Whether the novel does well, or tanks, or is ripped to shreds by blood thirsty reviewer/critics, I have achieved what I wanted to do.

Although, it would be SO neat if the novel were read by my ideal readers!

Salus et vita.


2 responses to ““Thaumaturge” As A Novel In Print Is Now A Reality!

  1. Congratulations! It must be such an awesome feeling to actually have it in your hands at last.

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